The Importance of Learning New Technology in AV Integration


There are new electronics and other technologies hitting the market daily. This year consumers will soon be adding to their home networks many smart devices like security cameras, smart thermostats, or bluetooth speakers. As more and more smart devices are added to the home network, the split between security installers and AV installers is thinning.

To the customer, their entire AV system installation project within their house installed by a single dealer needs to have the ability to add on security products. However, many installers are hesitant to expand their company and knowledge into these supplemental product classes. Whether they’re worried about an increase in service calls, discouraged by the schooling required, or simply stuck in their ways, many installers are cautious to grow into uncharted land. Installers and dealers alike should take to this unique opportunity. Generally it’s easier to troubleshoot a wireless system over wired systems. Dealers never have to step foot in the customer’s house; connect right into a customer’s network and troubleshoot the system.

It’s also always recommended to ensure that the consumer receives a thorough training for his or her system when the setup is complete. This simple measure, coupled with leaving behind troubleshooting guide or a FAQ sheet, will help reduce follow-up calls.

Today’s consumer is also typically more educated. The web provides consumers easy access to advice, and in several cases clients understand the things they want before talking to their dealer. They have done their research, browsed reviews, will ask hard questions, but will typically know the latest wireless technology, security, and brands that they need. They’re also more inclined to get multiple consultations until they get the alternatives, costs, and merchandise they need. Quite simply, if a dealer isn’t in a position to carry through with what the consumer needs, they consumer will seek help elsewhere.

For the typical dealer, customers that have had positive experiences are more likely to call back when they are set to expand their system or enterprise into new technologies. A repeat customer is lost by being unable to work within a particular category; gain repeat customers by by expanding offerings, wisdom, and keeping up with your business. Continuing education is essential to remaining relevant and also gives you the finest solutions for your own customers, today and in the future.

As consumers continue to cut the cords and look to add smart devices in their spaces, installers from all aspects of the residential realm have boundless opportunities to profit from growing marketplaces like surveillance, voice control, home automation, and smart home devices.