The Joys of AV Project Management


Any professional will tell you regardless the project, the best way to avoid major mishaps during its development and implementation is proper AV project management. AV integrators will second and third this motion, as AV projects are always full of potential problems. The more work which needs to be outsourced, the more complicated the process can become.

In many cases, AV Integration is the last part of the office, education, entertainment, and sporting facilities. Due to complexities which can arise during the construction, the AV tasks are usually rushed because of a fixed, upcoming event. Because of this, there are many things which can make life much easier for those involved in the project.

Documentation is required for any project. If the documentation is lax, missing information or poorly organized, the AV integrator can be underpaid for their work or not paid at all until the mistakes are fixed and submitted properly. It makes sense to prepare everything early, specifying exactly needs to be done in both visual and written form. Having this information available can help speed along the process, making parameters and job descriptions clear to all those involved, especially if the work requires a third party contractor.

Poor documentation can lead to individuals making assumptions. These assumptions can result in errors which can be detrimental to the project and even lead to a total failure. Additional costs to fix the mistakes made can be expensive and result in a huge cut into the profit of the project. Best advice? Present the information as concisely and professionally as you would expect someone to present it to you.

It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure the project runs smoothly and is successful in the end. They are the backbone to the structure of the plan, providing all aspects of installation, communicating and designating responsibilities, and acting as liaison between the client and contractors. The most important part of this role is easy: communication. Building an effective team, making sure each person understands their duties and has the information and tools they need to complete it, and to oversee each person during the installation process is the most crucial part of the position.

Keeping in mind the statement “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” is part of a process most individuals use to develop a plan. There’s nothing worse than working a project and having an unforeseen circumstance completely throw everything off track. Anticipating what can go wrong and developing a plan on how to deal with these adversities can assist one in making sure their projects go smoothly.

These few simple steps can assist any project manager, AV Integrator or otherwise, in making sure their project is a success. Ensuring the smooth flowing process from start to finish can allow clients to see how well the project manager can organize, communicate, and complete projects with efficiency, providing great references if they are ever needed in the future. It also builds a relationship with these clients which will provide repeat business for their needs in the future.