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LightWerks installs Incident Command Center

LightWerks partnered with Idaho’s top healthcare provider and largest employer to design and integrate a state-of-the-art Incident Command Center on the 4th floor of their Boise headquarters.  The Incident Commend Center’s technology is utilized for problem solving, troubleshooting, and developing solutions for health system related incidents.  The technology allows for the simultaneous presentation of various content, giving end-users the ability interact and collaborate dynamically.

The collaborative and immersive space allows users to simultaneously open windows from various sources on any wall.  WALLTALKERS writable and magnetic wallpaper serves as the projection surface for the video wall, allowing end-users to utilize a whiteboard space for brainstorming or engage with magnetic sticky notes.


The system includes 8 Epson ultra-short throw 4k enhanced laser projectors to project a seamless image on 3 of the room’s walls. The source for the projectors is an 14×8 RGB Spectrum video processor that allows multiple overlays of sources on the panoramic image. The background image is supplied by a PC that has 8 4k output that is mounted in the racks.

Other sources include 4 wireless in room computer connections by Screenbeam and one HDMI input. The wireless video units are located above the ceiling. They carry both video and audio.  All video signal to and from the room will travels via Cat6A over Crestron DM transmitters and receivers. LightWerks designed the system so that receivers and transmitters are both single decora style units that mount on rack rails in the rack.  They reside in plastic single gang boxes above the projectors.  The HDMI input allows not only a hardwired input, but also a HID USB interface for management and control of the PC. Additionally, LightWerks installed has one 3.0 USB input. This allows large and files to be loaded into the rack computer. This input also has the potential to transmit in a 4k video source into the system. The USB transmission between the room and the rack use an Icron Cat6A transmitter and receiver that are located in the ceiling and the in the rack respectively.


The room’s audio is supported by a Dante based system, thus allowing vast options for audio routing, matrixing, and future growth. The processing is all conducted via a BIAMP Tesira that resides in the rack. Audio sources are supplied by all 4 wireless computer connections, the PC, and the room’s HDMI input. The space also has one handheld and one lavalier microphone from Shure’s MXW line.  Additionally, there is a ceiling mounted PoE transceiver in the room. These microphones connect to the processor via Dante through the POE switch mounted in the rack. The room also includes 2 Shure ceiling 910 microphones that signal, and power that is supplied by the Poe switch via the Dante network. These mics are auto programming and beamforming. They pick up all in-room audio for use in teleconferencing. Audio in the space is further supported by Bose Edgemax speakers that are mounted in the ceiling. The room also includes a decora single gang USB wall plate that allows the users to connect their laptop into the audio system to take advantage of the powerful room mic system. This connects into the Dante network by an Audinate USB and allows the user’s computer to connect to the Biamp Dante network to send and receive audio. Video sources with audio are de-embedded from the HDMI signal suing two 4 input audio de embedders. This audio then goes into a Bose unit to transpose all the audio into a Dante signal.

All equipment in the system is controlled by a Crestron control processor mounted in the rack. End users are able to easily operate their system via a wall mounted iPad.  LightWerks programmed the system so that users could use Crestron’s iPad application to control of the more basic functions of audio levels and source switching.  Additionally, LightWerks integrated a 15” Crestron tabletop control panel. This panel’s interface is more technician focused, and has the ability to preview video and conduct advanced audio and video matrixing and switching.

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